Zip Away High Waist Leggings

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These high waist leggings have fully separating zippers on both sides! 

Lightweight (#5) molded plastic zippers unzip fully from the ankle up to the waist.  This pair is created in our Black Zen soft knit fabric.

The zippers SEPARATE FULLY on both sides when unzipped from the bottom to the top! (You can unzip them DOWN, but they will not separate at the bottom.  They only separate if you go from bottom to top.  This is just the nature of zippers. If you want them reversed, contact us!)

Please note:  Zip the pants before you put them on.  Due to the nature of zippers, trying to zip them onto your body is a difficult thing.  Zip them together, put them on your bod, then unzip them to take them off.  There is nothing sexy about trying to zip your pants ON.  Its all about taking them off:-)


If you would like a different fabric choice, or want to discuss other customization, please contact us before placing your order!


This item is made to order. Ships out within 5 days of purchase.