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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How to I care for my spandex items?
A. Spandex is easy to care for.  Wash it in cool water on a gentle cycle and rinse thoroughly.  Avoid washing it with rough items (Such as zippers!) which could snag the sleek finish of the material.  Dry your lycra garments in the dryer on a low setting and they will come out wrinkle free!  You can also air dry your lycra if you prefer, popping them in the dryer for a minute will remove all the wrinkles after they are dry (or after shipping!). Do NOT iron or use bleach on any lycra garment!

Holographic fabrics?  Metallic finishes will last longer if you hand wash them in cold or cool water, and let them air dry.  The less friction the better, with gentle care they will last a long time!  Avoid stain removers or harsh detergents, chlorine, salt water, and oily products like sunscreen or bug spray, as these can damage the foil finish.  Never dry clean, iron or bleach!

Stretch Lace?  Hand wash your stretch lace with a gentle detergent, rinse well, and air dry.


Q. Can I see a list of all of your available fabrics?
A.  YES!  Check them out HERE

Q: Where are you located? Can I come shop?
A: We are located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. In November 2017 we opened our first retail location! We have limited hours, but we have TONS of deeply discounted merchandise in all sizes! We also sell FABRIC YARDAGE! You can place a custom order, have your measurements taken, or just check out our line of fantastic items IN PERSON!

Open weekdays from 7am to 2pm.

7139 Commerce Drive STE A1, Olive Branch MS, 38654

If you aren't the area, why not plan a trip? We're close to Memphis TN, so there's tons of fun things to do in the area!

Q:  I sent an email through your contact form, and I haven't gotten a response. When can I expect to hear from you?
A:  All emails are answered within 24 hours.  If you have not received an answer after 24 hours please resubmit your question, and make sure you put your correct email address on the contact form!  We get questions every day from people who entered their own email address incorrectly, and we cannot respond to them!  We don't want to miss your message! We do not answer spam emails.  

Q:  I am an international customer, can you please write a lesser dollar amount on the customs form so I wont have to pay import fees?  Or can you mark the item as a gift please?
A:  Im sorry, we cannot do this under any circumstances.  The penalty for falsifying customs forms is thousands of dollars in fines and JAIL TIME!  Seriously!  Its a major offence!  Please dont ask us to do this.  And we cannot write it off as a gift.  The USPS knows we are a business, with daily mail pickups and our very own USPS mail bins. I'm very sorry, but if your country has import fees for overseas merchandise purchases, you will have to take responsibility for them.

Q:  Whats the difference between UV Glow and Neon?
A:  Neon is brighter!  UV glow fabrics light up in the blacklights, but neons really POP!

Q.  How much is shipping to my country?
A. Postage costs are determined by the shopping cart, and the selections you make during the checkout process.. To determine the cost, place the item in the cart and enter your shipping destination.  The shopping cart automatically calculates your address and the weight of the item(s) to give you shipping options to choose from.  You can add or remove items from the cart as often  as you like until you are ready to checkout.


Q:  Whats the difference between LYCRA and SPANDEX?
A:  Lycra IS Spandex.  Spandex is created by many different companies, "Lycra" is simply one of the brand names it is manufactured under.  Lycra fibers are also woven into many other blended fabrics to add stretch and durability.

Q: Can I contact a live person by phone?
A: We are live, and here to help you via email!  We do not staff a phone service. You will always recieve an answer within 24 hours, during business hours it will be much faster, usually within the hour!  If we were to offer a staffed phone service, there would be people calling at all hours of the day and night, talking to different staff members, and we would have no record of what discussions and designs we were working on with you.  It is  extremely crucial to have email copies of anything we talk about, whether it be sizing, custom orders, special requests, etc. so that we can carry on a dialog with you to create your item!    Send us your emails, we are waiting to hear from you!

For info regarding returns, go to our returns page HERE

 Coquetry Clothing
7139 Commerce Drive
Olive Branch MS 38654