Coquetry Clothing offers custom made spandex clothing for festivals, raves, show choirs, dance, performance, drag shows, sports, and cosplay, Mardi Gras, Wrestlers, as well as so many other events!  Every item is made to order, allowing us to use your very own custom measurements.  Whether you want to swap out a sleeve style, change a neckline, customize for height, or completely change the fabric, our designers are ready to help you customize our items for the very best fit!  

Coquetry Clothing began in  January, 2005, and all of the clothing is still hand made right here in Olive Branch, Mississippi.  We work exclusively with synthetic stretch fabrics.  You won’t find pre-made, mass produced, bulk manufactured items on this site, each item of clothing is carefully cut and constructed by hand to create a product that is guaranteed to please.  We are constantly adding new items, and enjoy finding unique and unusual fabric prints to offer our customers. Stop back often, inventory is always changing! 


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Shop online, or drop in and visit  us

8944 Stateline Cv

Olive Branch, MS 38654

Walk in hours:  Weekday mornings, but subject to change.  Please email for our current walk-in hours!  Our retail shop is full of one-off items, exchange items, and random stuff.  You can come in and shop our racks for discounted items, but custom orders and website orders are only taken online through the website.  

Ellie May Klimczak
Coquetry Clothing

Ellie May Klimczak

Ellie May Klimczak

Owner, Customer Service, Designer

Stacey P Kelso

Stacey P Kelso

Operations Manager

I'm an avid foodie, Tiny Bomb enthusiast, plant mom and roller skating queen wannabe. I love spending time with my besties, aka my hubby and my daughter! In my free time you might catch me snugglin my puppies and binge watching tv.

Jason Klimczak

Jager-master, Genius, Cubs lovin', Dog Thief, Closet party animal, Papa McSpandex King.  Karaoke song of choice: Under the Sea. Smart ass/caring father-boss. Mediator, Instigator, & Ellie's joint procreator. Jason slept his way to the top, and did not want to write a bio.

Heather B
Just your not so average, slightly feral, learner of things, insect savior, cat mom, moth enthusiast, stitch witch, Miss Fix-it, and MacGyver of Spandex! I'm here to amaze and confuse~


 Jennie cuts your orders and oversees the retail shop & vending events. She is a dog mom, likes to take naps and is a flow & fire performer. Tell your dog she says hi!


Cathy Allen

Assistant Manager

Dog Mom, Believer in retail therapy.


 Hey I'm Nikita affectionately know as NuNu. I'm a snake mom, boss baker, foliage fairy, gamer girl, and an 80s obsessed magical unicorn of crafts! #RainbowsGlitterAndMagic



I'm a seamstress, a mother of one, self loving and kind.  I'm very confident in reaching my goals,  Being creative is not a hobby, its a way to life.


Cutter and Seamstress

Free-spirited, insatiable learner, truth seeker. i love translating my inspirations into reality, studying languages and discussing philosophy/ religion.




Dog mom, nature enthusiast, cutter with craftsmanship.



*Store Swiftie*, Cat mom, plant lover, anxious mess:-)


Serger and Topstitcher

Obsessed with $uicideBoy$, an avid dive bar enthusiast and crystal loving witchy chick. I will always stop to pick up cool rocks on the ground and no one can stop me.

Tyler I am the Tyler, mom of one. I've lived in Mississippi a while now. I'm just a silly little goose who likes anime, gaming and of course sewing! I always like to have a fun time.
Jay Hi, I'm Jay! I am a cosplayer, dancer, and the on occasion drag queen/performer. My favorite anime trope is depressed men (they're just misunderstood okay). I can speak very bad German even after studying it for 3+ years....