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About us

   Coquetry Clothing offers custom made spandex clothing for festivals, raves, dance, sports and cosplay, as well as so many other events!  Every item is made to order, allowing us to use your very own custom measurements.  Whether you want to swap out a sleeve style, change a neckline, customize for height, or completely change the fabric, our designers are ready to help you customize our items for the very best fit!  We have created costuming for hula hoopers, wrestlers, stage plays, and show choirs, as well as photo shoots, professional sports events, Burning Man, and cosplay ensembles of all kinds.

Coquetry Clothing began in  2005, and all of the clothing is still hand made right here in Olive Branch, Mississippi.  We work exclusively with stretch fabrics such as spandex, nylon or Lycra.  You won’t find pre-made, mass produced, bulk manufactured items on this site, each item of clothing is carefully cut and constructed by hand to create a product that is guaranteed to please.  We are constantly adding new items, and enjoy finding unique and unusual fabric prints to offer our customers. Stop back often, inventory is always changing! 

Coquetry Clothing
Olive Branch, Mississippi

Ellie May Klimczak
Owner, Customer Service, Designer

Stacey P Kelso
Operations Manager, Creator, Momma Bear
I try to spread lots of happy, stretchy, spandex joy to everyone who has a sense of FUN and a flirtation with crazy:-)

Kayleigh Lynn Berenzy
Cutter, Production Lead,Creative Collaborator, Maintenance Supervisor and a Dancin' Fool!

Cyndelle Vann
Seamstress, Designer, Festival Sales Rep, Fire Breathing Dragon, Fire Dancer

Lauren Leibenhaut
Seamstress, Loves Theatre & Acting, One cool, edgy, outgoing mama! Love you, Kenna!!!


Heather B
Seamstress,Zipper Master, Aspiring Jeweler, Miss Fix-It, Jack of all trades, Crafter Extrordinaire, Dungeon Dragon

Kate Staggs
Topstitcher, Project "x", Animal Lover and Four Wheeling Girl!

Katie, AKA "Spike"
Top stitcher, Spike Fabricator, Naturopath.  If you bought a Dragon romper from our shop, "Spike" gave it its awesome spikes.  She also keeps us safe from spiders by installing lemon balm repellent stations, and is a fount of knowledge when it comes to natural remedies and healing. 


Cutter, Topless Floor Mopper, Gym Rat.  My precision is cutting edge.


Frances Hurley
Wild red haired cutter, cos-player, and friend. Anime lover, and gamer. The one and only Wood Elf Rouge. Fighting evil by moonlight, finding love by daylight.





Nikki's blood surges for serging.  She's a Belhaven alumni, color enthusiast, and a big advocate of embracing individuality and open-mindedness.  Forever thankful to Coquetry and its customers who enable her to make a living out of doing what she loves.



Seamstress, lover of anything pink & sparkly, hula hoop dancer, dog mama.



Slightly obsessed with cartoons, but doesn't need to get a life because gamers have plenty. A discoverer of weird treats, with a positive attitude and too much energy! (Bee vomit is delicious!) *Is a Jigglypuff*


Ashley Ambrose


Fun loving top stitcher, Im the psychedelic, tie dye sheep of the family:)


Jason Klimczak

Jager"master", Genius, Cubs lovin', Dog Thief, Closet party animal, Papa McSpandex King. Karaoke song of choice: "Under the Sea." Smart ass/caring father-boss. Mediator, Instigator, & Ellie's joint procreator. Jason slept his way to the top.


Allie Monette

To-Do List Crusher

Allie initially signed up to be Ellie and Jason's twin sitter. Little did she know she would be thrust into to a world of spandex she can't seem to escape. Allie is a newly-graduated part-timer training in topstitching and cutting.