Rainbow Vertical Stripe Pixie Arm Warmer Sleeves

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Coquetry Clothing SKU: 154389

XS 9"-10" bicep
S 11"-12" bicep
M 12"-13" bicep
L 14"-15" bicep
XL 16"-17" bicep
XXL 17"-18" bicep

This item is made to order and ships out within five days of purchase.

These stretchy sleeves remain snug at the top, and gradually widen into a triangular point at the bottom. Very medieval, very mythical, very fae, very elvish, very pixie!

These will make a great addition to your spandex wardrobe!  Match them to your favorite tops and dresses for a cold shoulder look, or contrast them with prints and neons for a pop of color!  These sleeves make a statement with any outfit.

This item is made to order. Ships out within 5 days of purchase.