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Pink & Rainbow "Spiky AF"

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Why? Because who knows!
This medley of pinky rainbowy awesome is ALMOST too much... but it isn't. Or is it? It's still up for debate.

So here's the run down on this monstrosity:

It has a Neon pink bolero with a turtle neck, front bodice rainbow lace-up, and long sharp shoulder sleeves with rainbow spikes on outer edge.  

Rainbow spikes adorn the bolero!

The bolero is worn over the vertical rainbow striped crop tank.

For the bottoms, we have a lovely 12" inch rave skirt in neon pink with two vertical lines of spikes from waistband to hemline on each hip/side, and rainbow Spikes all the way around hemline!

To top it of, a neon pink headband with rainbow spikes sits on the head, making you queen of all things happy.