"Don't Bother Me" Galaxy Catsuit

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Would you like to be lost in space? Hide away in your own private galaxy with this suit!

The "Don't Bother Me" Hoodie Catsuit has a zipper in the front that zips all of the way to the top of the hood, enclosing your face completely. 

Perfect for airline travel, boring parties, jewel heists, and last-first dates.


 Of course if you don't want to hide away in a neon galaxy, you do not have to do so, the suit is perfectly appropriate for when you DO want to be sociable too! 

This jumpsuit is made of lycra spandex in a neon UV glow Galaxy print.
This fabric glows like crazy under UV black lights!
Four way stretch for a figure forming fit. 

Custom sizing is free!  If you are concerned about torso length, inseam, or any other fit issue, please contact us and we can help!

This item is made to order. Ships out within 5 days of purchase.