Neckline Styles

Scoop Neck

Crew Neck

V Neck

 Plunging V Neck


Turtle Neck

Stella Neckline

(Short 1" turltleneck and front zipper combo)

Keyhole Neckline

Zipper Front Scoop

Zipper Front with Hood

Zipper Front with Turtleneck

Strapless / Tube

Off Shoulder Ruffle

Asymmetrical One Shoulder

Monroe Halter Top


Only compatible with select styles, please ask before ordering.

Josie Style

Square Neckline

Double V Neck

(Only works on sleeveless designs)

Basic Hooded Neckline

Lace Up Neckline

Demonica Neckline

Plunging Keyhole Romper

Plunging Keyhole


Showtime Collar






Inset V Lace Up


Window Neckline with Turtleneck and V Neck Combo

Boat Neckline

(Wide and shallow)