Harlequin Red and Black Face Mask with Diamonds

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THESE ARE NOT MEDICAL MASKS!  Please read all the way through, we make no medical claims about this product.

Black mystique on the left, red sparkly jewel on the right, with three black vinyl diamonds.  Lined in black cotton.

Our masks are made with a 100% Kona cotton layer on the inside, and spandex fabrics on the outside.  They have elastic loops that fit over your ears, and they feature a curved design that is comfy on your face.  

  They keep your mug warm on a frosty day, they filter out dust storms, they offer sun protection, they help stop the spread of germs, and can help you stop touching your face, and they are washable!   

They come in three sizes, Regular, XL Mens, and Kids.  

FITTING TIPS:  The elastic loops slide through the ends, and loop around your ears.  To make the mask curve, scrunch it by pulling the loops.  Then just fit it over your ears!  Too loose?  You can tie the elastics tighter, then trim the ends or tuck them into the mask to get the perfect fit.  We leave them a little loose so you have a little extra length to play with.

This item is made to order. Ships out within 5 days of purchase.