3PC Eyebrow Facial Fashion Kit

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Coquetry Clothing SKU: 2.5" set of three

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FACIAL FASHION! This facial fashion kit includes 3 pairs of eyebrows in Green Shattered Glass, Fuchsia Sparkly Jewel, and Silver on Black Shattered Glass.

Our pasties and body stickers are made of top grade, stretchy, waterproof, latex free, breathable and hypoallergenic medical adhesive. 


  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry, free of oils or lotions. For best wear, place adhesive over bare skin. You CAN wear the stickers over existing facial hair, but the thicker your actual hair is, the more difficult it will be for the stickers to hold.
  • Peel off backing.
  • Apply to area once, and carefully smooth down edges.
  • Remove gently and slowly, do not rip off. Remove from the start of the brow and slowly peel away from the center of the face to the end of the brow. If you try to remove from the opposite direction, (the end to the start) you may lose your real eyebrow hairs!

Available in one size. Please refer to the additional image photos for measurements.

If you don't see the facial fashion in the color you want, contact us!

This item is made to order. Ships out within 5 days of purchase.