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TLK Custom Order - Coquetry Clothing
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 JEN (RED DRAGON SCALE/ BLACK SHATTERED GLASS INSIDE HOOD): Hooded  short-skater dress with flip sleeves and matching booty shorts. 24" underarm to hemline length.  Add shorts:-)
TIMIA (ROYAL BLUE DRAGON SCALE/BLACK SHATTERED GLASS INSIDE HOOD): Hooded romper with full left sleeve and no sleeve on the right.
ZAN (FUCHSIA DRAGON SCALE/BLACK SHATTERED GLASS INSIDE HOOD): Hooded BodyCon dress with discrete front zip and 3/4 length sleeves.
JEN: Square necked (like last time please!) cropped top. High-waisted shorts. Arm warmers. Am I right in thinking that there'll be a small area of skin visible between where the top ends and the shorts begin? Because that's ideal, I'm concerned that they two may overlap on Jen's petite frame.
TIMIA: Mid-Rise leggings. Very cropped, high neck top. (4" length on side seam, narrow band underbust for secure fit) I'd like for the top to reach just under the bust if possible. Also, if the high neck could be a little shorter, maybe half the length of the current design I saw, so that more of my neck is visible?
ZAN: V-Neck romper with elbow length sleeves and 'wristies'. If the V-neck could be a medium sized V, that would be ideal - Zan still needs to be able to wear a bra comfortably without it showing, so not too much of a plunge. I know you don't make 'wristlets' or 'wristies' but I wondered if it's something you'd consider trying? Nothing too complex, just a tube of fabric with a small hole for the thumb to pop out of would do. (My drawing is crappy, hopefully I've explained that better!)
JEN: Allie Jacket in Black soft knit jacket with 'Red sparkly jewel' fabric cuffs and hood lining.
TIMIA: Allie Jacket in Black soft knit with 'Royal Blue sparkly Jewel' cuffs and hood lining
ZAN: Allie Jacket in Black soft knit with 'Fuchsia sparkly jewel' cuffs and hood lining.
Torso - 22
Bust - 34
Waist - 27.5
Hip - 38
Height: 5'1
Torso - 25
Bust - 35.5
Waist - 25
Hip - 37
Inseam (crotch to floor) - 30
Height - 5'4
Bust - 36
Waist - 30
Hip - 39
Underarm to hem: same as last time, 27 please!
Height 5'11