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Starlette Bralette in Solstice Velvet

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Our Starlette Bralette top was designed to give you a chance to give your "ladies" a well-deserved break from all of the bulkiness and discomfort from underwire bras.
This sexy spandex bralette is unlined, wire-free, with no padding, super cozy and comfy! Four-way stretch for a flattering, stretchy fit.
You can wear it to the beach, wear it to perform, wear it when you work out, wear it with revealing layers, wear it under your shirt - you get multiple uses out of this one awesome item!

Our Solstice Velvet is a gorgeous microvelvet, it's a bit thinner than our standard velvets but is just as sturdy and ultra lux, smooth as butter. So many colors, so neon, and it glows under black light!

Measure around the fullest point of your chest to find your bust measurement!