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"Don't Bother Me" Neon Hive Catsuit

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Gotta go to that place where you know that incessantly annoying person will be? We've got the outfit for you!

The "Don't Bother Me" Hoodie Catsuit has a zipper in the front that zips all of the way to the top of the hood, enclosing your face completely.

Walk around with the zipper zipped up to your neck, and when you see the person you don't want to talk to, simply zip it up all of the way and don't say anything!
You'll probably hear them say something like this: "Uhm... uh.... what's going on? Uhm. Okaaaaaay... bye." ...AND THEN THEY'LL WALK AWAY!
Imagine the endless possibilities you will have with your very own "Don't Bother Me" catsuit!

Awful zit appears? Zip it up! Thrust into an impromptu jewel heist? Zip it up! Can't stop smiling when you're trying to stay mad at someone? ZIP IT UP!

This jumpsuit is made of lycra spandex in a neon UV glow Neon Hive print.
This fabric glows like crazy under UV blacklights!
Four way stretch for a figure forming fit. This bodysuit is unlined.
32" Inseam.