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Custom order for TLK 5/25/18

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OK so first up there's the Isle Of Wight outfits 
We plan to team these up with sparkly sneakers so we can have a proper dance in them! The fabrics are the Neon Melt (because who doesn't LOVE a UV glow) with Black Mystique accents...
TIMIA: Siren shorts in neon melt, Starlette Bralette - with a Neon Melt underbust section & straps with black mystique cup section, and a short sleeve (above the elbow)  Bolero with an extra short front section, black mystique with a neon melt inside hood. It's really similar to the "3PC UV Glow Neon Melt Bolero Set" you've featured with a couple of minor tweaks and obviously with the shiny black instead of Zen fabric.
JEN: Off the shoulder Romper, in Neon Melt with a thin black mystique strip around the shoulders and a black mystique middle section where I imagine a 'high waist band' would go if it was shorts. I'm not sure how the pieces of this would fit together as a romper; if it's simpler to have black as the entire 'top half' with the Neon Melt flouffe falling over the top of it and for the shorts section then that would work equally well I guess.
ZAN: Black Mystique Samba Sleeve with a Monroe Halter-Neck Romper. Hopefully the 'illusion panels' would be possible, I can't see any examples of it on the site so I hope it's do-able. But basically Neon Melt over the bust section and the middle of the front of the romper, with Black mystique either side of that panel. With Neon melt at the back of the romper.
Second is the Copper Mystique 'gowns' for Kew Gardens...
These will be worn with 5/6 inch heels so I guess we should take that into consideration when we look at skirt length?
TIMIA: The Victoria Puff Sleeve Catsuit. As is. This is a perfect item of clothing that made me melt the moment I saw it!
JEN: A full length Slash Neck Top with Flip Sleeves with Siren Fringe shorts with fringes down to the ground. In my drawings I've tucked the top into the shorts in one and left it hanging over the skirt in the other.
ZAN: A V-Neck gown with a fishtail/mermaid hemline. If the V could be as deep as you can go while still wearing a normal bra underneath? Could the fishtail please be swooshy enough for the effect but without the full puddle train? Also if possible, could the back have a V-shape or a slightly scooped back rather that being cut straight?
Torso - 22
Bust - 34
Waist - 27.5
Hip - 38
Underarm to hem for the skater dress: 24" is perfect.
Height: 5'1
Torso - 25
Bust - 35.5
Waist - 26  (Easy on the waist on the siren shorts)
Hip - 37
Inseam (crotch to floor) - 31.5  Add a few inches on catsuit to scrunch at the ankle
Height - 5'4
Bust - 36
Waist - 30
Hip - 39
Underarm to hem 27
Height 5'11