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Coquetry Clothing

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Fringe "Samba Sleeve" Dance Shrug - Coquetry Clothing

Samba Sleeves

Size Medium

Created in Purple Velvet with Lime Green Fringe


Sleeveless Keyhole Top in Neon Melt - Coquetry Clothing

Keyhole top

Size medium

Created in neon melt with Neon Green trim

ADD flip sleeves lined in neon green


Lace Up Josie Style Catsuit - Coquetry Clothing

Josie style catsuit

Laceups on both hips

Laceup at neckline all the way up to mid bust line please

Laces in neon lime green

ADD bell bottoms

Size medium


Build Your Own Bodycon Skirt - Coquetry Clothing

Bodycon skirt

Size MED

Neon Green Lighthing


Build Your Own Lace Up Crop Tank - Coquetry Clothing

Lace up crop tank

Created in Grape Holo

Lace up ties in Neon Green

ADD flip sleeves, underside in Neon Green

Size medium


Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Peplum Top - Coquetry Clothing

Peplum top with cap sleeves

ADD front laceup

Size medium

Created in Moonstone

Laceup ties in Acid Splash


27" Tahitian Floral Pencil Skirt - Coquetry Clothing

Pencil Skirt in 19" length

Size MED

Created in Acid Splash 


Add Extra Laces (Ties only, NOT customization) - Coquetry Clothing

Add on lace up tie

180" length

Neon Lime



Mens Retro Rainbow Side Panel Solar Flares - Coquetry Clothing

Mens Side Panel Solar Flares

Size medium

Inseam 32"

Created in Silver Kaleidoscope

Retro Rainbow Side Panels

ADD Aruba pouch

ADD back pockets



Mens Neon UV Glow Lightning Muscle Shirt - Coquetry Clothing

Mens muscle shirt

Size Medium

Grape holo


Mens Neon UV Glow Lightning Muscle Shirt - Coquetry Clothing

Mens muscle shirt

Size medium

Gothic Garden 


Mens Silver Holographic V Neck Shirt - Coquetry Clothing

Mens V neck shirt

Tee sleeves

Size medium

Silver holo


Silver on Black Shattered Glass One Leg Garter - Midrise - Coquetry Clothing

Womens one leg garter



3" inseam

Size large



Mens Reversible Hooded Vest - Coquetry Clothing

Mens reversible hooded vest

Outer Silver Kaleidoscope

Liner vertical rainbow stripe

Size medium

ADD pockets on RAINBOW side (inside ) 



Mens Side Panel Solar Flares - Coquetry Clothing

Mens side panel solar flares

Created in purple velvet

Side panels in Acid Splash

ADD back pockets

Mens mediun

32" inseam




Ultra Mini Open Front Lace Up Skirt with Tiered Double Ruffle - Coquetry Clothing

Mini double ruffle lace up front skirt

10" length

Size medium

Waistband & underlayer fabric - Purple fish scale.

Top tier ruffle & tie fabric: UV glow spectrum holographic



Galaxy "Samba Sleeve" Dance Shrug - Coquetry Clothing

Samba sleeves 

Created in Spectrum

Size small