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Coquetry Clothing

Made to order items ship out within five days of purchase.

Fabric yardage ships out within one business day.

1) Trevor’s Toothless Costume:

Reversible Hooded Racerback Duster - Coquetry Clothing
Reversible Hooded Racerback duster - standard size:
Pockets inside
Black holographic fabric
Liner UV Galaxy fabric
Add dragon spikes to hood and back in turquoise on black shattered glass fabric

(Spikes all the way over hood and down to the hemline of the duster)


2) Sheresa’s Light Fury Costume

Build Your Own Zip-Up Dragon Crop - Coquetry Clothing
BYO zip up dragon crop - XL
Add two (2) inches to bottom of crop
Flashbulb material
Hood lining in Peacock Blue Holographic
Dragon spikes in plumeria metallic


Holographic  Dragon Tail Skirt - Coquetry Clothing
BYO dragon tail skirt - XXL
Front length 12”
Flashbulb material
Dragon spikes in plumeria metallic


3) Sheresa’s Rainbow kitty Costume

15" Circle Cut Flip Skirt - Coquetry Clothing
BYO 15” flip skirt - XXL
Waistband - rainbow shattered glass
Outer side - rainbow shattered glass
Under side - purple stretch velvet


Hooded Wrap & Tie Top - Coquetry Clothing
BYO hooded wrap and tie top - XL
Add kitty ears in purple velvet
Main Fabric - rainbow shattered glass
Hood Liner: Peacock blue holographic

Weekender III Pixie Edition Frostbite & Flashbulb - Coquetry Clothing

4)Weekender III Pixie Edition

Top in XL
Skirt in XXL

Bicep 12"

Huge Hood

Outside:  plumeria metallic

Inside: flashbulb

Pixie Sleeves: plumeria metallic

Crop Tank Top (XL): Flashbulb


Pixie Skirt (XXL):

Waistband: flashbulb

Shorter skirt: plumeria metallic

Longer skirt: flashbulb


5) Extras:

Moonstone Heart Pasties - Coquetry Clothing
Moonstone heart pasties 4"


UV Galaxy T Rex Pasties - Coquetry Clothing
Galaxy T Rex Pasties 4"