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Coquetry Clothing

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 We will need ten days creation time for this order

Super Hero Skater Dress - Coquetry Clothing

Three tank skater dresses, all 34" underarm to hemline



- One with Peacock Blue Holographic Fabric for the top,

Silver Holographic Spandex Fabric for the waistband,

UV Orange Lightning Print Fabric for the skirt


- One with Coagulant Fabric for the top,

Black Holographic Fabric for the waistband, 

Poisonous Spandex Fabric for the skirt


- One with JellyFish Four Way Stretch Spandex Fabric for the top,

Silver Holographic Spandex Fabric for the waistband, 

Celestial Print Spandex Fabric for the skirt


Silver Holographic Halter Skater Dress - Coquetry Clothing

Halter skater dress in black mystique

RED sparkly jewel waistband

ADD pockets

34" underarm to hemline


Black Dragon Hoodie Skater Dress - Coquetry Clothing

Black dragon scale skater dress

Dragon hood and dragon tail hemline

Bodice zipper

Coagulant hood liner and spikes

ADD pockets

$34" underarm to hemline at the shortest point


Wireless Dragon Wings (Wings Only) - Coquetry Clothing

Dragon wings

Mens XL size straps

Black dragon scale on the back

Coagulant on the front (strap side)


Build Your Own Racerback Crop Top - Coquetry Clothing

Racerback crop tank

- One in UV Glow Galaxy Print Spandex Fabric
- One in Black Mystique Fabric
- One in UV Glow Cotton Candy Holographic Spandex Fabric
- One in Coagulant Fabric
- One in Celestial Print Spandex Fabric

$32.99 X 5

Build Your Own Short Fingerless Gloves - Coquetry Clothing

Short fingerless gloves

-One pair in Coagulant Fabric
- One pair in Black Mystique Fabric
- One pair in Seafoam Holographic Spandex Fabric
- One pair in UV Glow Neon Pink Sparkly Jewel Fabric
- One pair in Nile Blue Fabric
- One pair in Gold Sparkly Jewel Holographic Fabric

$27.49 each X 6



Torso Length