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Coquetry Clothing

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Gold Dragon Scale Fabric - 2  

Mens long sleeve turtleneck.

Size: small

Color: Gold dragon scale


Mens Reversible Fully Lined Zipper Front Hooded Vest with Pockets - 1

Mens reversible zippered vest with collar (not hood) and pockets on outside.

Size: small

Outer Green Dragon Scale

Liner Grape Holographic


Mens Gold Bootcut Pants - 1

Mens bootcut pants

Size: medium with 31" inseam 

Color: Gold dragon scale


Long Sleeve Reversible Hooded Duster - 2

Mens long sleeve Reversible Hooded Duster with dragon spikes

Size: small

Length: 50" petite


Outside: green dragon scale with grape purple holographic liner

Grape holo dragon spikes


Spikes running down entire hood and back of duster (On outer layer)

Spikes down outer side of sleeves (On outer layer)


Kids Dragon Hooded Cape - 2

Kids hooded dragon cape


Outside: green dragon scale with grape purple dragon spikes

Inside: gold kaleidoscope