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Coquetry Clothing

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Siren cut color split romper

Sleeveless with scoop neck

Right side of the body Black Mystique

Left side of the body Coagulant

Laceup front from crotch to neckline

One Coagulant tie

One black mystique tie

Sizing : M/S/M


Split Color High Waist Boot Cut Chaps with split WB

Left side of body Black Mystique

Right side of body Coagulant

Laceups on both sides, all the way from the hemline to the top of the waistband

One laceup in each color (on contrast side)

ALSO Grommets at front of waistband.   Two ties, one in each color.

Sizing: S (hip measurement won't matter)

Inseam: Standard



Fingerless gloves 

Black Mystique fingerless glove with Red coagulant tie for left hand
And Red coagulant fingerless gloves with black Mystique tie for right hand.

20" length, size small