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Coquetry Clothing

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Rainbow Leopard Peplum Tank Dress - Coquetry Clothing

Peplum bodycon mini dress

Double V neckline

Add Flip Sleeves

Created in Blue Sparkly Jewel




Arm Warmers

 Created in blue sparkly jewel

Add 6" black fringe to arms

14.5 inch bicep and 18” from wrist to bicep.



Sheer Mesh Tank Romper with Siren Cut Leg - Coquetry Clothing

Sheer mesh tank romper

Siren cut leg

Almond mesh


16” neck
50” chest
46” waist
45” hip
27” torso
23” Sleeve (shoulder to wrist)
18” wrist to bicep
17” across shoulders
7” wrist
14.5” biceps
20” notch of neck to belly button