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Coquetry Clothing

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Vintage Style Widows Peak Bonnet in Black Mystique - Coquetry Clothing
Widows Peak Bonnet
Fabric: Black Stretch Velvet

Build Your Own Long Fingerless Glove Arm Warmers - Coquetry Clothing
Fingerless Glove Arm Warmers
Fabric: Black Stretch Velvet

Scarab Holographic Long Slit Gown with Sorceress Sleeves - Coquetry Clothing

Slit gown with puddle train

Fabric: Purple Stretch Velvet

Notes: I am wanting the dress to have sorceress sleeves, a thigh-high slit and small train (no horizontal seam at the knee) like the reference, however I am wanting a simple crew neckline and a long zip at the back. I am also not wanting to sleeves to be lined in a different fabric - the purple will do :)
My natural height without heels is 71 inches ( 5'9). My height with heels is 74.5 inches (6'2)

Silver/White and Flashbulb Reversible Cape - Coquetry Clothing
No hood, short collar
Fabric: Black Stretch Velvet/Red Stretch Velvet
Notes: I am wanting a long cape as referenced. One side with black fabric, and the other with red.
60" Length