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Custom order #3700 10/12/18

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Stanley Romper ( DH style.)
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Silver on black shattered glass with a black zipper and black shattered accents at the collar, waist band and around the leg which is extended to 3/4 length
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Hi Coquetry Clothing, 

I have another order for our Halloween trapeze troop. I'm submitting this for a friend whose measurements are supplied here. He asked I also advise you to the girth of his quads, which measure in at a hefty 24". (I was uncertain if that needed to be taken into account given our request to extend this to a 3/4 length pant from the shorts.) 

We would like everything the same as the others previously ordered, but I would like to make one modification to the mini cape. 

Could we please add to this order a 16" reversible cape but instead of the red sparkly jewel, please use the silver on black shattered glass on one side and the black shattered glass on the other?

I'll be placing a separate order for three additional mini capes the same way (request form to follow).

16" inseam
Torso Length