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3PC Flashbulb Hoodie & Skirt Set

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This 3pc set is made of lycra spandex in a brilliant sparkling Flashbulb holographic spandex.
It includes a sleeveless crop hoodie, a 12" long mini skater skirt, and ultra cheeky booty shorts to wear underneath it.
It shines and sparkles with liquidy rainbows with every move you make!
Depending on your torso length, you may flash an inch or several inches of skin between the top and skirt.

The top is 8" from underarm to hemline, the skirt is 12" long.

Please note: My mannequin does not have a head, so I used a coat hanger to hold the hood up for the photographs.
It is not a magic hood, it does not stand up by itself. You won't need a coat hanger, you can use your head:-)