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Everyone needs a little down time....


Hello Coquetry friends and fans!  You may have noticed that some of our regular items and designs are missing from the site this week… Don’t panic, this is temporary!  They will all be back and ready for you to order on the 23rd of June!


 Why are they gone?  

     I (Ellie) am going on vacation.  Just a quick trip with the family.   (Being an entrepreneur is HARD!) Some of the items in our collection require my help to create, and leaving them all available while I am gone would cause undue stress on the rest of the team.  So we are tucking them away temporarily, and will have them all back on the site on the 23rd.

I will still be answering Emails, and of course so will Nikki and Stacey!

ALL OTHER ITEMS that are still on the site will still ship in their normal time frames!  


Can I pre-order?  

     No, I am sorry, we cannot take pre-orders, but if you would like to be notified by Email when they are back on the site, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on facebook, we will send a reminder when they are all available again!

What is missing?

This is a basic list of the items that are not being offered until the 23rd:

Twist back anything

Square neckline

Funky Frank


Full circle cut  gowns and skirts


Fur Coats



Slit gowns and skirts

Marian Gowns and romper

Elven larp romper

Mens Singlet Cut

Fringe Belts

5PC Garter Set


Coco Robe

Storm troop set


Chicken outfits