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Curated Surprise Boxes

Welcome to Curated Coquetry Surprise Boxes



Here at Coquetry every single item is made to order.  We do not carry inventory, we don't stock backups, and we don't keep shelves of products ready to sell.  Instead we create each and every garment right after you pay for it.  We love this process!  It gives us a chance to work closely with our customers, creating custom pieces, changing colors, adjusting measurements, and making every single thing we make extra special and awesome!

 What's in the box?

Just like any clothing retailer, over the course of time we end up with left over items.... These items are things that may have been made by mistake (OOPS!), may have been returned for a size exchange, or may have been the actual prototype that was used for the product photos we used on the website.  Most companies have "Sample Sales" or warehouse clearance events, or they find a company to liquidate them on their behalf.... But we have decided to do something a little different.....


  Introducing Curated Coquetry Surprise Boxes!

These boxes are packed with surprises just for you!  These are not damaged items or off sizes.  These are brand spankin' new items with tags attached, and they are ready to find a new home in your closet!  Each box is packed with at least five individual items in your selected size. These items include selections chosen from our shorts, tops, skirts, rompers, leggings, catsuits, dresses and more!  THIS IS AN AMAZING VALUE!


How does it work?

    First of all, you select a size.  The boxes available depend on the inventory we have to fill them, so they are limited, we may not always have them available in every size.  If your size is not available today, check back later!  

Second, tell us a little bit about what you like.  In the NOTES section at checkout we would like you to give us just a small amount of info to help us tailor these selections to your tastes.  Your three favorite colors, and your one least favorite color.  Your three favorite styles and one item style that you would probably not wear.  

   Please keep these requests short and sweet. We cannot not fill specific item requests, it is more of a guideline to help us choose things that we think you will like.  Let us surprise you!