Create Your Custom Look

Color Combo Inspiration

In love with a design but unsure about which fabrics to pick?

Here we've compiled some of our favorite fabric combos to help give you some ideas. 

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Silver Holographic, Galaxy, Silver on Black Cracked Tile

The tried and true space trifecta! Looking for a futuristic look? Pair our galaxy fabric with silver holographic, silver on black cracked tile, or both.

Grape Holographic, Neon Melt, Lime Holographic

It may be obvious to pair our Neon Melt fabric with grape holographic and lime holographic, but what's truly special about this combo is that the grape holographic has a fuchsia sheen that brings out the tiny lighter purple accents of the Melt fabric!

Seafoam Holographic, Silver on White Shattered Glass, Lilac Holographic

The tiny silver holographic dot matrix overlay of the seafoam and lilac makes these three holographics the perfect silvery pastel combo. Total kawaii space princess! =*v*=

Radioactive, Blue Lightning

Radioactive looks great with most of our solid holographics, so why not try something new and pair it with another print? We didn't know how amazing these two fabrics were together until they were used in a custom order. Now we are obsessed!

Gold on Gold Shattered Glass, Gothic Garden, Green Shattered Glass

Because who wouldn't want to be a holographic woodland fairy? Other fabrics that go great with our "Gothic Garden" include Seafoam Holographic, Red Sparkly Jewel, and Blue Sparkly Jewel.


Neon Flux, Tahitian Floral

Want a complete BURST of neon?! Luckily two of our brightest UV prints have the same hues, which means they look awesome together! Both of these prints glow insanely bright under black light. Trust us, this combo won't disappoint.

Peacock Holographic, Glow Worm, Pink Sparkly Jewel

Pair glow worm with either Pink Holographic, Peacock Holographic, or both. Other options that go great with Glow Worm include Grape Holographic and Lime Holographic.

Rainbow Stripe, Acid Splash

Don't be afraid to march in loud and proud! These super bright fabrics play off each other in the boldest, BEST way. See our pixie set in these fabrics here.

Poisonous, Velvet Oil Spill

The fabric photo we had of Velvet Oil Spill just didn't do this combo justice - even this phone camera photo we took doesn't quite capture the shine properly. Trust us when we say these fabrics are GORGEOUS together! (Our velvet fabrics can be finicky so be sure to contact to make sure this combo will work with the items you have in mind.)


Blue Sparkly Jewel, Phantasmagoria

Psychedelic yet subtle, these two prints give off an ocean vibe that rivals our mermaid prints. For a lighter look, pair Phantasmagoria with Seafoam Holographic, Lime Holographic, or Peacock Holographic.


Fuchsia Sparkly Jewel, Meteorite

Fuchsia can be hard to pair with most of our prints, but we think it and Meteorite were made for each other! Other fabrics that look great with Meteorite include Red Sparkly Jewel, Blue Sparkly Jewel, and Moonstone.

Mystic Crystal, Moonstone

Moonstone looks great with SO many fabrics! When we introduced it, it took off like wildfire and remains one of our most popular fabrics. Many people pair it with Flashbulb Holographic, Seafoam Holographic, and other solid holographics. But for prints, we really like it with Mystic Crystal!


Flashbulb Holographic, Mortal Koil, Orange Sparkly Jewel

Other fabrics that pair well with Mortal Koil: Red Sparkly Jewel, Peacock Holographic, Lilac Holographic, and Neon Pink Holographic!